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Have you started to find yourself on the receiving end of complaints from your teenager that they don’t like the design of their bedroom anymore? This is something that happens to most parents; here’s what you need to do to solve the problem.

Talk to Them
A teenage bedroom design has to be decided upon by the teenager, not you. If you try to do it with consulting them, things will only turn out badly, believe me. The whole point of redecorating the room has to be to allow them to decide how they want the room to look so that the problem will go away for a few years!

So, sit down with your son or daughter and make sure you listen to what they want from the room. If they get the kind of design they want, it’ll be best for everyone. You’ll be able to leave them to their own devices, and they’ll be content in their new room!

Have a Clear Out
No matter design you decide upon, you’ll need to start off by having a clear out of the room. You should aim to create a blank canvas onto which the new design can be painted. Get rid of the stuff that your son or daughter no longer wants and only leave the aspects that they’re happy to keep.

If you have a younger child, you might be able to pass on some of the stuff taken from the clear out to them. But if you don’t, you could give them to a charity or sell them at a yard sale or online auction if you think you could get a bit of money for them. The rest can just be thrown away.

Has their room still got cartoon characters with rainbows and farmyard animals painted on the walls? It’s understandable that as your child grows older these aspects start to annoy them. You shouldn’t take it as a sign that they didn’t have a happy childhood, it’s all a part of growing up and moving on.

So, ask them what colour they want to paint the walls and go and find the precise colour they want in a shop. You’ll also have to change those childish bed sheets and pillowcases and replace them with something a little more suited to their age and interests!

Let Them Add More Personal Touches
All teenagers want to express themselves, and they want to feel like an individuality. Wanting to assert individuality is a big part of being a teenager. You might not like their choices or styles, but let them go ahead and put those interests and style choices into the design of the room.

These personal touches don’t necessarily have to dominate the room. In fact, they shouldn’t dominate the room because fashions and their interests can both change very quickly. Therefore, it’s best to let them simply put up posters on the walls or something similar.

You might not love it, but your children grow up! So, this guide will help you make the necessary changes to their bedroom when your child becomes a teenager.