Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Dad, Papa, Pops, Tatay, or whatever you call that man, he works hard to provide for the family. He is one of the greatest gifts ever, so why not give him an extra special treat you believe he will definitely want to receive this Father's day? 

However, if you are running out of idea what to give to your husband or daddy this Father's Day, here are few last minute gift ideas I can share:

Ready-made greet cards
This is the fastest one you can get on bookstores and even on ordinary grocery stores. There are cards designed specifically for Father's Day and most of it already have messages or quotes included in them so if you are really running out of time, this is a good option.

A pair of boxer shorts
Choose a comfy boxer shorts ideal to use on a daily basis. This is something he could really use.

A bunch of movies from his most favorite action star or maybe a complete series of his most favorite show. You can find it being sold in shopping malls by DVD merchants. Please don't buy pirated ones.

A ball point pen
If he works in an office, a ball point pen is something he will surely appreciate. 

Drop by on the most accessible bakeshop to buy him cake, you can get his fave flavor. Then, have your sweet short message written on top of it.

Hair cut
How about give him a fresh new look and treat him a new hair cut to his favorite barber shop. 

Restaurant Treat
Ofcourse you know his food cravings, drive the whole family to his fave restaurant and take the best family-fie!

Food Supplement
Sometimes, work became a sort of obsession and become too busy to be healthy. A food supplement to acquire extra nutritional boost he needs on daily tasks.

One day to is already Father's Day. So, I wanna greet all fathers out there, a Happy Father's day to all of you. I am a busy mommy but I make sure I do something special on Father's Day for my hubby. It doesn't need to be something expensive, as long as it is given wholeheartedly, no money could equalize with the love.

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