Just recently, my 9 year-old son was bitten by our one-month old kitten. Son just finished his meal and on his way to the kitchen to bring his plates to the sink, not that he sensed the kitten was walking along with him from the dining table and it was too late when he realized he stepped on it but he was already bitten at his finger toe.

He nervously went to me and told me he got bitten. I have learned it is always a good thing to calm down whenever your child get the jitters at any occasion, so that's what I did when I saw him pale, teary eyed and hands shaking. Although deep inside me, I was just as nervous. 

Dog and cat bites are extremely dangerous regardless how small or bloody it is, because the victim has a big chance to get rabies.

The rabies virus hits the nerve system resulting in severely distressing neurological symptoms, once the virus infects the brain, it will lead to death.  Necessary medical treatment is advised to eliminate 

We went to see a doctor and performed all the necessary precautions just to make sure my son is safe from rabies. After series of shots, finally, the progress turned out fine. 

If you or anyone in the family was bitten by cats or dogs, here are the things you need to do.

1. First, induce the bleeding, then wash the affected area with warm water and soap under a running water.
2. Go to the nearest medical center to get Rabies Immune Globulin and Tetanus Toxoid vaccine.
3. The doctor will tell you when to go back because series of immunizations will be given.
4. If the victim experience fever, take paracetamol every 4 hours or as advised by the doctor until fever stops. 
5. About the animal, it needs to be observed and isolated for ten days. If it does have rabies and has wandered off, it will probably die within seven to ten days.

It is always best to be aware of what to do on situations like this. I am thankful my son is safe now. It was an accident and very unexpected. If you have puppy or kittens at home, it is always best to keep your eyes on your kids. And if accident like this happened, make sure you take your child to the doctor right away.