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As a mom, I often find myself browsing the latest beauty trends with astonishment. Where are we supposed to find the time and money for these treatments and latest products? Moms need a more realistic alternative. A cheat’s guide, if you will. We don’t have hours to spend every morning to perfect our beauty regime. They say that eight hours of sleep every night is the answer to beauty. Well, ask any mom when the last time she got eight hours of interrupted sleep and you’ll get a chorus of silence!

We need quicker solutions. We need easy answers and shortcuts. We’re looking for products that don’t cost the earth and will keep us looking young and healthy. After all, one of our biggest worries is the creeping ageing process. I’ve been exploring some quick wins and easy solutions to help my readers, and today I’ll show you some of the secrets. If you have any great tips, feel free to add them to the list in the comments below. We all have our own tricks!

Facial peels

Wouldn’t it be great to find time for regular spa trips for facials and other treatments? You should always treat yourself once in a while, but, in the meantime, you can do yours at home. Choose a good facial peel pack and apply it yourself. You can keep it on while you’re doing the busy work around the house or getting the kids ready for school. You might scare them a little! But, it’s a quick and easy solution that helps treat your skin on the go. A body scrub is another great way to achieve a long-lasting look. These products will revitalise your skin, clear pores, and keep you looking younger.

Focus on the eyes and lips

Some moms are lucky if they get a spare five minutes to apply their makeup in the morning. The dawn-chorus of children quickly interrupts any me-time you thought you had. That means we need a quick solution to the morning makeup routine. My advice is to focus on the eyes and lips. You can fool people into thinking you’ve spent much longer than you really have. A quick layer of foundation is a must. But, after that, simply style the eyes and finish with a quick lipstick that suits your skin colour.


If you’re looking for long-lasting treatments, it’s often best to schedule some time at an expert clinic. One example is skin needling treatment which will keep your skin taut and wrinkle-free. It clears and shrinks pores, and locks in a healthy glow. Another option is bleaching or clinical waxing treatments. It will eliminate any shaving time and give you some precious extra minutes in the morning! These quick wins let you cheat your way to beauty and give you some much needed extra time.

Fruit and veg

Finally, if you do nothing else, make sure you cram in those fruits and vegetables. Their water content, vitamins, and minerals are all your body needs to stay healthy. Trust in Mother Nature’s answers! It’s great for the kids too, so build them into your family’s overall diet.

Add these tricks to your daily routine and let me know if it makes a difference! Don’t forget to add your own ideas in the comment section below.