Weekend art activity is something my two sons look forward to each week. A colored paper collage is what we have agreed to do this time. Another quick and easy art activity which requires minimal equipment and materials. 

Materials needed:
A pair of scissor
Colored papers in different colors
White bond paper
Glue or paste

1.Let your child think of an object
2.Cut the colored paper in to small pieces of different sizes.
3.Paste or glue the cut out pieces to the white bond paper according to the object/figure of their choice. 
4.There should be no spaces left in between the colored papers

This activity allows him to be very creative. He looks so focused on what he is doing.

Look at the fruit of their hard work. I can't begin to describe how happy they get every time they are both done on every single art activity we do. The smiles on their faces, the excitement on their voices gosh, priceless.

Learning Points:
Develops patience 
Discovering potentials