My Most Trusted Food Supplement to Fight Iron Deficiency Anemia #Unilab

Daily tasks really makes me exhausted, maintaining home and attending to my kids' needs while working at the same time is not a joke. We don't get any house help at all, though me and my husband shares all the house chores so we are equally tired everyday even on weekends.

I must admit, there are days when my body feels weak, maybe one common factor is my short hours of sleep, 2-3 hours of sleep is what my system is getting used to for the past 2 years (eversince I started working at home after I gave birth). Also, Friends start to tell me though my body looks healthy, I have a pale skin. Worst is, I always feel dizzy on the first day to the last day of my menstruation, which s*cks! 

 I feel bothered because all the symptoms are signs of having Iron Deficiency Anemia. On that note, I know mineral iron in the body is what I need. Ferrous sulfate provides the iron needed by the body to produce red blood cells. My sister has suffered anemia last year, too (after giving birth). And I heard she has been taking food supplement to battle anemia, she recommended me United Home Ferrous Sulfate Iron Anti-Anemia. She has been taking this for a year now, which explains its proven and effective. 

I rushed to the nearest drugstore and bought 100 tablets. Now, I have been taking this food supplement for five months, I am happy my sister introduced this to me! We both prefer United Home Ferrous Sulfate Iron Anti-Anemia over other brands because it is very effective and affordable! A bottle (100 tablets) costs roughly P85.00. The tablet is red violet, and looks more like a candy. 

I start by taking 1 tablet per day. Some food supplements will change your appetite but this one doesn't. Big tablet makes me gag, so it is good this anti-anemia tablet is small enough for me. On the 3rd day of taking this food supplement, I have noticed that the symptoms of my iron deficiency improved. First thing I've noticed is I suddenly feel sleepy earlier than before. I usually fall sleep at 4am that is one hour after work. It used to take one hour of toss and turn to bed before I get myself to sleep. But when I started taking this food supplement, sleeping has been easy, I sleep right away the moment I hit the sack. Then I feel refreshed every morning when I wake up. 

On the first day of my monthly period, I expect dizziness. But after I start the food supplement, it ended the dilemma. I no longer look pale, my skin looks healthy at the moment!

I am happy with how this United Home Ferrous Sulfate Iron Anti-Anemia works on my body. I have been using many Unilab products from skin care to medications and they all perform great. And this is indeed become one of my most trusted Unilab products of all time!

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