As parent, I only want a high level of protection for my kids. I watch what they eat and everything they do. However, in spite of doing my best to make sure my kids are safe and well-attended, kids are still kids. They play, explore and do unexpected things and at times, hurt themselves. And when they get wounds, there is a break in the skin surface and of course we worry a lot about infections.

Last week, the Fucidin® Mommy Bloggers Meet and Greet event was held in Sofitel. I was invited to the event by PurpleBug®, the digital marketing partner of LEO Pharma™. LEO Pharma™ is a research-based pharmaceutical Danish company founded in 1908. They aim to help people achieve healthy and beautiful skin by fighting wound infections. I am happy to learn the right steps to proper wound care, and how to know if my kid has wound infection. Also, I have learned that some traditional ways of handling wound care are just myths although I never apply those that was mentioned to my kids.

What most likely to happen when we have open wounds, Staphy takes the chance to get in to multiply which results to skin infection, and may affect immune response. The signs of infection include redness, increasing pain, pus secretion, warmth or swelling around the area. If these symptoms continue, it is a must to consult your doctor.

To help out mommies like me, here are the complete steps on how to properly protect your skin from wound infection.

Wound care 101
  1. Stop the bleeding.
  2. Clean the wound by washing the area that surrounds it with soap and clean water.
  3. Use Fucidic acid/Fusidate sodium (Fucidin®) to go full force againsts wound infection.
  4. Cover bigger wounds with bandage to decrease the chances of infection.
  5. Change the dressings whenever the bandage becomes dirty or wet.
  6. Observe for infection such as redness, increasing pain, and swelling around the area. When you see these signs, it’s time to consult your doctor.

Fucidin® is indicated for treatment of skin infections caused by staphylococci, streptococci, Propionibacterium acnes Corynebacterium minutissimum, and other organisms sensitive to sodium fusidate. The most important indications being:
Impetigo, infected wounds, folliculitis, boils, sycosis barbae, Acne vulgaris, Carbuncles, Hidradenitis, Paronychia, and Erythrasma.

Fucidin® ointment and cream is applied to the affected area 2-3 times daily, generally for a period of 7 days. It helps dry up the wound for fast recovery. I am calling on parents like me to join the fight against skin bacterial infections. Let's say NO to Staphy, use Fucidin®.

You can buy Fucidin® in any Mercury outlets, and Manson Drugs at the price of P347.00 per tube.

It is also best to have a wound care kit essentials at home which include Sterile cotton balls, cotton-tipped swabs, gauze pads, plastic strips (band aid strips), surgical scissors, antiseptic alcohol, medical tape, and Fucidin® ointment.

Even before the event, I am already familiar with Fucidin® because this is my trusted brand when it comes to fast healing of wounds for the family. I will put the review of Fusidic Acid Fucidin® Cream in another blog post soon.

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