5 Confidence Boosting Products for Women That Are Worth Their Price Tag

You may have heard about the confidence gap this summer. The New York Times, along with other publications, reported on new research that once again showed women often undervalue their strengths and had lower levels of confidence compared to their male counterparts.

This new study was focused on female leadership in the workplace, but confidence concerns bleed into all areas of our life. And how comfortable a woman feels in her skin has a dramatic effect on confidence. Blame it on evolution, but researchers have found that when we feel less attractive it can lower our perception of where we sit on the social ladder in all life situations.

Given that self-worth can have a direct impact on a woman’s career, stress levels and happiness, taking the initiative to nip Confidence Busters in the bud should be a top priority. The products below are proven to help us overcome the most common concerns that decrease our confidence.

Confidence Buster: Skin Blemishes
Confidence Booster: Healing Natural Oils
Unfortunately, the vast majority of moles aren’t as attractive as Cindy Crawford’s famous facial feature. If the idea (and expense) of having a mole or other beauty marks surgically removed sends your stress levels soaring, it’s time to try a natural product like this mole remover from Healing Natural Oils. The natural mole remover is safe to use on any area of the body to remove benign moles without scarring.

Confidence Buster: Thinning Hair
Confidence Booster: Rogaine for Women Mousse
So much focus has been put on male pattern baldness that the issue of thinning hair in women has been largely overlooked – until now. It’s estimated that around 30 million U.S. women have hereditary hair loss. Lately, a barrage of products and procedures have hit the market to capitalize on the huge number of women that can’t accept hair loss any more than men do. One of the more effective options is the new Rogaine treatment for women. The newest solution contains 5% minoxidil (active ingredient) and only has to be applied once a day. After 12 weeks of daily use, 80% of women in the clinical trial regrew thicker hair.

Confidence Buster: Too Much Hair
Confidence Booster: Tria Hair Removal Laser
While having a lush head of hair is coveted by most women, everything below the neck is an entirely different story. In recent decades, there has been a growing sentiment that women should have completely bare skin. Unfortunately, for many women shaving is a constant battle that isn’t always possible in some areas and can lead to painful ingrown hairs and bumps. But at-home laser hair removers are now providing a more effective solution. The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X isn’t cheap, retailing at around $450, but it has been clinically proven to permanently get rid of unwanted hair.

Confidence Buster: Unsightly Cellulite
Confidence Booster: Dermablend Leg and Body Cover
Cellulite is the bane of the female existence. Over 85% of women have to deal with puckered skin somewhere on their body. There are now a number of treatments that can be performed at the doctor’s office to eradicate cellulite, but who has $3,000-$6,000 for results that are only guaranteed to last one year? A more financially feasible solution is Dermablend Leg and Body Cover. It’s a temporary fix, but this foundation for the body can instantly camouflage cellulite as well as stretch marks and spider veins.

Confidence Buster: Those Extra Pounds
Confidence Booster: Spanx Thinstincts Line
It’s no surprise that losing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution for women. Having a smooth hourglass figure is the Holy Grail for virtually every woman. But nature rarely blesses women with curvy contours that are free of lumps and bumps. That’s exactly what inspired Sarah Blakely to develop Spanx. The wildly popular line of shapewear has been selling like hot cakes for 15 years because they really do work. Some items work better than others, but the Thinstincts products are highly rated and the tights have garnered rave reviews. When you need to smooth things out and look like you’ve dropped those pesky extra pounds, items from the Spanx Thinstincts line will make it look like you’ve been hitting the gym.

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