52 Week Money Challenge: Savings Plan of A Tight Budget Mom

Happy January to all! How was the start of your year? I hope you all had a blast! The holidays got my wallet almost half empty, lol. Ofcourse its totally fine since my family really had a joyful and memorable Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

As always, I start off my year with goals in terms of Financial, Relationship, Spiritual, and Career. Talking about Financial Goals, I have already seen a bunch of 52-week Money Challenge blog posts even from last year, so for this year I decided to join the bandwagon. This is one best way to save money throughout the year. This is also part of my New Year's Resolution for my family so I have money to buy them clothes for Christmas at the end of the year. Or I can add the money saved for our holiday celebrations.

Most of those who do this challenge start off at a small amount as it gradually increases, while some starts with big amount and it decreases the next weeks. Well I don't think neither of the two versions suits my financial status. 2016 is going to have more expenses than last year because my 3 years old will start school, too. So I came up with the most appropriate approach for me to succeed in this challenge. I had to evaluate the deposit amount based on our income and weekly expenses, to come out for that perfect amount to set aside weekly and complete this 52 week money challenge.

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