DIY: Ribbon Paper Clips

Just one cute idea on how to bring your character to your office space or just to spice up your office or school supplies. I made a DIY Ribbon Paper Clips which can be used as planner accessory or bookmarks. I have actually seen this kind of paper clips being sold in etsy and ebay, but why buy when you can just do it yourself, ayt?! That way, you can customize it the way you like to make it more personalized, if that even makes sense. :)

This simple diy project shows how a simple ribbon or washi tape can add up cuteness to your paper clips. Creating this is just a breeze, all you need is your regular paper clips, and ribbons or washi tapes. I find it easy and very cheap way to use for my planner or as a bookmark to my books. 

I use washi tapes and used ribbons for this samples I made.

That's it!

I am actually planning to make more but using other materials. Oh I got so much idea in mind yet I need to find time to create 'em all. By the way, my son joined me in making this cute ribbon paper clips, he made few which he will give to his teacher and classmates.

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