Organization 101: How to Keep Small Items Organized

How do you keep small items in your home? Specially if it is something you don't get to use on everyday basis and its too small to keep on your drawers.

I always avoid small items like pins and clips clutter anywhere in the house so it wont end up missing the next time I need it. Also, having these small items lying around  is never good when you have kids or pets are around. 

We need to organize a space for those useful small items so we can easily find it when we need it. One great way on how to store these small items is by using used jars. These are jars from my face creams, I never throw them away because I thought they could make of great use in the future.

I just put LABELS on each for quick access. Then, you can just put those jars on your drawers or anywhere out of kids reach.

You can cover or paint the jars if you want it customized or hide the labels, too!

That’s it. I hope you find this organizing tip helpful :)

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