Decorate Your Planner + My Week 12 Planner Spread

I can't help but find it so fascinating how you can easily turn a plain paper into more interesting page by just using washi tapes and stickers. I love using decorative and paper tapes in my papers since it adds color and engages me more to write. That is the reason why my planners are always decorated with tapes, it boosts my motivation and at the same time relieves my stress.

For this week, here is how my spread looks like:

click image for larger view
My A5 is for my daily to do's, while the pocket size is used as daily journal.
A5: daily to do's at work and home, family important events and info, Finance and recipes
Pocket: daily journal, bills to pay, ideas, and project in progress.

For the pocket size journal, I cut out 90 gsm bond papers and punched all the way according to the binder's layout.

click image for larger view

You can notice that I always start my week Monday, I already get used to it so that is how I always begin the week in calendars and planner pages.

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