Downy Parfum Collection from #EverydayMePh

One of the happy mails I received last month is this Downy Fabric conditioner samples in Parfum Collection. Everyday Me sent this to me. This is actually the second time I receive free samples of Downy from Everyday Me. I love Downy fabcons but I am still giddy to try other variants.

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To be honest, it has the best smelling fabric conditioner I have ever tried. It has great scent which is not too fragrant, I can describe it as the scent you would love to smell when you open your closet. My husband seldom gives comment on any fabric conditioners I use on our clothes which left me surprised coz he gave a compliment this time. He said he loves the smell of his clothes, I need to change our fabric conditioner into Downy Parfum Collection for good. The smell lingers for weeks that even you seldom use the clothing, a nice scent remain even it stays long in the closet. The bed sheets feel clean and fresh when which adds comfort when we hit the sack. It keeps any kind of fabric soft, too.
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It doesn't stain clothes unlike the other fabric conditioner I tried before. Also, a little goes a long way which makes it practical to use.

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When I hang the clothes to dry, the fragrance is all over the area. I don't know why, but this kind of scent makes me feel satisfied after washing the clothes.

I get to discover and try new products for free, thanks so much Everyday Me Ph.

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