Ever heard of the planner craze? Or have you already jumped into the bandwagon? I never would have thought how big planner community has been gone for the past year. So far, I only have few friends who are into planners but if you try to check in IG and google, there are just too many who use planners either as journal or planning purposes.

I plan a wide array of things including, immediate problems that have come up around the house (for example my garage door broke the other day!) to tasks that I need to work towards like finding the ideal interstate removals team. 

If you check bookstores, online shops and even shopping malls, there are so many planners available in the market these days. But often, we want to set our planner different from the other by making it more personalized. You want your planner to reflect your personality and at the same time make it functional based on how you need it.

There are so many ways on how you can personalize your planner.

1. Dashboard. Here shows out one's creativity. I love to make my own dashboards. I usually change my dashboard on a monthly basis and use my current mood as an inspiration. I use wrapping papers I bought from Mrs.P and add some stickers to jazz it up.

2. Divider. Colorful dividers add fun to planners. I love using colourful dividers which I just customized myself. There are cardstocks available in local bookstores which you can use for your divider. All you need to do is cut according to your planner size and you can add tabs on it so you can easily find what you are looking for.

3. Inserts. I usually create my own inserts so I can test out which style fits my needs. You can either go for weekly or daily, whatever suits you best. The weekly inserts I use in my A5 is from nina.and.belle of IG.

4. Personalized bookmarks. I love making my own DIY bookmarks with my paperclips and card stocks. Skies the limit, be creative. You can make any kind of bookmark you like with the materials you already have at home, its fun to DIY..  

5. DIY Envelopes. To avoid clutters inside your planners, envelopes are a must. I used to always have papers and bills in between pages which makes planner a bit messy so it is best to create a place for papers and receipts.

6. Decorate. One of my most fave part of planning is decorating because it has become my creative outlet. I make use of my washi tapes and coloured papers, I always go for different themes in decorating my weekly spreads. I always keep it functional, decorations are to add fun to pages. Colorful spreads motivates me more in planning in some ways. You can also use PL cards to accessorize your planners.
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