We often hear people discussing investments. Often, the term can involve something practical or financial. We might make investments like stocks and shares, for example. We might consider our home or car an investment. We might also refer to an investment in our education. We will later reap the rewards when our knowledge leads to a better profession or position. But what about investments in our health? More of us than ever are now making healthier choices with regard to our health. We’re improving our awareness of diet and perhaps we’re exercising regularly too. An investment can be a payment of your time and energy that then reaps rewards in your health and well-being. Smart investments will always see a positive return, and our health is no different. If you’re aiming for a long, healthy, and fulfilling life then there are some tried and tested ways to invest in your well-being.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

We may all experience times when our sleep is disturbed. It can be something as serious as illness or bereavement, chronic pain, or even financial worries. Whatever the reason we struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, it is remarkable how quickly this affects our overall health. Studies have shown that poor sleep affects our mood, concentration, and even our immune system. We should try not to panic when we experience sleep problems, but still take action to address it before it becomes a serious problem. Don’t hesitate to seek professional advice if your sleep has become seriously problematic. But take preventative measures too by establishing an effective “sleep hygiene” routine. This term is often used to describe good practices that enable your mind and body to switch off effectively. It can involve unwinding half an hour before sleeping with something like a warm bath or reading. It can also involve avoiding the bright light of screens such as televisions and laptops. Don’t be tempted to continue working late into the night or address anything stressful right before you sleep. With a good night’s sleep you can face everything more effectively and productively in the morning. Ensure that your environment is quiet and peaceful, and that your posture is good for sleeping. If you’re waking up stiff and uncomfortable, you may need to investigate the best mattress for bad back problems and pain relief. Investing in good sleeping habits will make it harder for your sleep to be disrupted. As a result, you will sleep well and be productive and alert, even during times of stress.

Think Positively

Health and wellbeing aren’t only skin deep. They have a lot to do with the way we think and feel. Thinking positively may come naturally to some, and it can also be easier to do at certain times. But positive thinking isn’t simply a personality trait. It is a training and can quickly become a habit. The more often we think positively, the more naturally it comes to us. Our mind and thought patterns can be trained just as we would any other muscle! When things are going well for us, we should try to rejoice in our good fortune and circumstances. We can practise gratitude and contentment on a daily basis. But equally, if things are going bad, we should try to keep as positive as possible. Try to think about what you still have and how much worse things could be. Try also to remember that everything becomes worse if we become negative. A positive mindset may not solve our problems in itself. But it certainly enables us to think more clearly and stay more productive. We can train in positive thinking no matter what our circumstances are. In time, it will become entirely natural to us. Positive thinking is an investment in our health and happiness. It will help us to navigate through some very tough times without losing hope.


Silence can be a killer. There are numerous disturbing studies about the ways in which trying to cope with a problem on our own can affect our physical and mental health. Depression and anxiety are amongst the worst culprits as many sufferers fear being stigmatized. Young males in particular may find it difficult to share their problems or concerns with others for fear of being considering weak. This can be true of women too, who are often used to juggling many commitments at once. Whether sharing something negative or positive, we should aim to communicate honestly. We all deal with stress differently. But if staying silent is our way of pretending that a problem doesn’t exist, then it is almost never healthy. Communicating with friends, family, and health professionals becomes easier if we have done it before. Especially if we have experienced good results. Communicating honestly and openly on a daily basis with people we trust can be an investment in our well being. Being in the habit of sharing our thoughts and feelings will make it easier to communicate in the event that anything goes wrong.


Reading widely about health and nutrition in particular can be a great investment in our future. We will be able to take greater control over our choices and feel empowered to do so. Many of us do not even realize mistakes we might be making for our health or bad habits we have developed. Only by understanding them can we take steps to change them. It can be overwhelming to tackle every aspect of our health at once, but our nutrition is a good place to start. Many professionals have spoken out against the dangers of considering a good diet to simply be low in calories. A diet should have the appropriate amount of calories for our age and lifestyle. But it should chiefly ensure nutritional value, such as all our needs in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. Consult reliable sources on the internet and in print. Try making changes to favorite meals to improve their nutritional value while still enjoying yourself. The more you know, the more power you have over your health, life, and well being.