Well parents are starting to get busy as the school starts, here is a checklist guide to make sure your kids are 100% ready for school.

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It includes papers, notebooks, art supplies, pens, pencils and likewise. Teachers are the best source to a complete list of school supplies the student needs. So make sure you get the list before the classes start. You don't want your child to enter a class with incomplete supplies.

There are different types of bags according to student's needs. To avoid spinal pain, parents need to be careful in choosing school bag for their kids. Make sure it is perfectly fitted and the centre of mass should be at waist level. Opt for a bag with two straps so the weight of the load is evenly distributed over the body. Also, wide padded straps and padded back are more likely advisable to avoid shoulder or back pain. Most bags have adjustable straps and waiSt belts to make sure the child is comfortable

If the school requires a set of uniform, have it ready atleast a month before the school starts. Preparing ahead of time always have positive outcome. And when the school starts, prepare what to wear for the entire week to prevent any hassle.