A new parent will constantly be worried about their children. They’re experiencing everything for the first time, and of course, the ultimate fear is becoming a ‘bad’ parent. Exterminating this self-doubt is easier said than done, but generally communication is what leads to progress. Talking to your children is very important, but if you’re finding it difficult (as many do) read this article for some key questions that will lead you in the right direction

As parents, it’s natural to worry about our children. We worry about what they eat, drink and what they get up to in their spare time. We worry that they’re not getting enough sleep and that they are struggling in school. We then worry about bigger things like what happens after school or the state of their overall health. These things can make being a parent very stressful indeed. Though these fears are still just the tip of the iceberg. A New parent will constantly be worried about their children. They’re experiencing everything for the first time. You might think that after your first child things get easier. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. New parents might think that once you’ve got had your first kid the situation becomes more simple. The truth is that new problems always arise that you’ve never dealt with before. No child is the same, and that’s avoiding the fact that you’ll probably have a boy and then a girl or vice versa. Two different children will lead you down parenting paths that are completely different. You can read about the difference on http://www.parenting.com.

The good news though is you’re not alone. There are plenty of parents sharing the same worries and dilemmas. They are constantly debating whether they are doing the best for their children. Here are some of the biggest fears we’re talking about.

Rotting The Mind

There are a whole bunch of things that fit into this category, and we’re going to discuss them as a group. Essentially, you can mark them down as TV, Film and Video Games. At some point or another, you will wonder whether these things are bad for your children. When your kids are young, you might think that you don’t need to worry about this issue. But there are many parents who believe that kids programmes could still be a bad influence. Channels such as Disney and Nicktoons have both been put under the microscope. Most parents will decide whether they want their kids watching TV by viewing it themselves. If they think it’s acceptable, they’ll let their kids watch it. If not, well that’s what child locks are for.

Films are a little different. These days most films can be seen by children as long as they are accompanied by an adult. That includes films that have been marked as R-rated. For instance, cinemagoers were shocked when theatres were filled with kids well under the age of 12 to see Deadpool. A film that was rated 15 plus in other countries such as England. In this case, it’s all about whether children will understand the film and whether you can trust them not to take it literally. If you think your child is mature enough to see a film and not copy it, then you should have no problem taking them to see it. However, be aware that at a young age, a child’s mind is like a sponge. They soak up everything around them, both good and bad.

Video games are on a different level altogether. Rather than watching, the child takes control of an individual. In some cases, they might be committing realistic acts of violence in a virtual world. GTA is the prime example here. It’s still debatable whether children should be allowed anywhere near games like this. There’s a reason they have 17 and 18 certificates. Though it hasn’t stopped some parents pulling out the pitchforks to get them banned completely. What they don’t understand is that games like were never intended for children. If they realised that, they would have nothing to fear.

Damaging The Body

Perhaps the biggest fear about children damaging their body is the diet. It’s important that you get your children eating a healthy diet as soon as possible. Otherwise, They will struggle to stay fit and healthy. But some parents are worried about food that might seem healthy but could have negative effects. Dangers of food have been revealed in everything from sunflower seeds to processed meat. You can read more about that on http://www.unsafefoods.com. The fact is that it’s difficult to know what is and isn’t safe to give to your children, and the media aren’t making this decision any easier. If anything they are making the problem worse. Too many reports appear every day telling you what you should and shouldn’t give to your children. It’s no wonder that a bad diet is now a parent’s greatest fear.

Though, ignoring the scaremongering, there is a reason to be cautious. There’s no doubt that child obesity levels are rising. When we’re living in an age where ten-year-olds can suffer heart attacks, it’s a dangerous world.

To combat this fear, parents must make sure that children are eating good, healthy foods and exercising regularly. There’s no excuse for child obesity. If your child is fat, then you need to be doing more to get them back in shape.

Online Dangers

If you’re not scared of your kids going online, you may want to rethink your stance. Having children online is dangerous. Heard of Tinder? If you’re a single parent, you might use it yourself. A lot of adults use it on a regular basis to find new sexual partners. But a lot of kids have also been using it. By kids, we mean any child under the age of 16. There have been numerous cases in the media where children have posed as adults to meet other people on sites like this. Similarly, there have been cases where children have met adults lying about their age. Both present dangerous situations for the child and the adult. But that’s not the only fear you should have of the online world.

There’s also cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is more dangerous than bullying in the real world because there’s no escape. If you’re being bullied by someone in class, you can walk away. If it’s online, in your social media and on your wall, you can’t escape it. You can feel trapped, and it has caused many teens to feel depressed and alone. Suicide could ultimately be the final result of this occurrence. You need to be aware of these dangers so you can protect your children. But how can you do this?

It’s difficult when over ten percent of kids have claimed they are scared they’re addicted to porn. Again, this is children under the age of thirteen. Then there’s the issue of self-harm, thought to affect seventy-five percent of teens. As well as online abuse which may be as high as sixty percent. The answer is to make sure your children trust you to come forward with a problem. You need to tell them about the dangers so that they know they can trust you with any issue that you face.

Sex And Drugs

At a certain age, kids will start to experiment with sex and drugs. Parents would like to believe that this will start at the earliest, sixteen. But many are scared that it could occur at a younger age. They’re right to be scared too because the latest research shows that age is constantly dropping. Currently, around five percent of thirteen-year-olds are sexually active. 11 percent of 14-year-olds have participated in a sexual activity, and it jumps to twenty percent at fifteen. If you don’t believe this check out this report on http://www.natureworldnews.com. That’s quite astounding, and it does explain the high levels of teen pregnancy. It’s unknown what’s caused this age drop. But parents do need to be aware of it. Children need to be taught by their parents about the dangers of sex as well as the importance of protection. There should never be a situation where children can not feel as though they can talk about sex with their parents. The thing is that you might be surprised just how early you need to have this talk with your kids.

Drugs is another issue too, particularly now that certain drugs are more socially acceptable. Pot, for example, is now legal for recreational use across some states in America. Understandably this has a lot of parents scared. Again, it’s important to be open with your children. Some parents even make sure kids try the drug under their supervision. They do this so they know the child will come forward if they ever use again. However, this isn’t the complete answer. Just because you allow your children to experiment, it doesn’t mean they won’t get addicted. You can read about signs of addiction on http://www.medicalnewstoday.com.

Again, parents need to take the lead here. You need to be teaching your kids about the danger of drugs as early as they can understand it. As we said, children’s minds are like a sponge. That means at an early age; they are more receptive to information that you give them. Some parents will find the idea of teaching children about sex and drugs at an early age horrifying. But it isn’t. The real fear should be a thirteen-year-old catching an STD or becoming addicted to cocaine.

Are these the things you worry about for your children? Or do the fears you had now seem rather meaningless in comparison. Either way, it’s important that parents do keep an open mind. They must take the responsibility of looking after their children seriously.