Product Review: Nivea Care Soap

I love to try different bar soaps to use for bathe, and just recently I was able to try Nivea Care Soap. Nivea has good reputation to me when it comes to lotions, so I had high hopes this soap is not drying on skin.  This Nivea Care Soap comes with many different variants which all seems to smell great.

I am a fan of soaps with sweet nice scents. Most especially if the smell lingers on skin after wash, oh my gives me delight. I don't know about you but I feel a lot cleaner and fresher when I use sweet scented soaps.

Each soap contains 90g of the product. The variant I got is strawberry & milk. I picked it up because the combination of strawberry and milk just sounds so appealing to me! Honestly, the scent is right up my alley. I admire it's alluring mild fruity scent, while it feels gentle on skin. It also leaves the scent on my skin after bathe. It feels creamy, I love the touch on my skin.

Unlike other bar soaps I tried before which feels dry on skin after hours of wash, this Nivea Care Soap is never drying! Me and kids never experience irritation or itchiness, which proves the mild elements of this bar soap. Aside from the affordable price, this soap is perfect as family soap.

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