Well, as a blogger I always love it when I get the chance to try new products. Because y'all know sharing my thoughts on each product I try has always been something I really love doing. Most especially if it is skin care product since I have been trying to show my skin some extra love and care. Well, that's what an ageing skin needs.

When I got this Lux Moisturizing Body wash, I was giddy to try it. To be honest, I have never tried any Lux products before, I swear. But ofcourse the brand has been popular for years, its just that I still have too many bottles of body wash to consume.

 Bathe with fragrance, this Lux Moisturizing Body Wash is crafted with SilkEssence and French Rose Infusion. It claims to contain world class perfume for you to enjoy a Luxury bathe.

Packaging: The bottle looks sturdy and has very tight lid which makes it impossible do teal with body wash spill. The list of ingredients can be read at the back of the bottle.

Price and Availability: Available in all leading stores nationwide at P120-P130 price bracket.
Scent: Sweet mild floral scent. I like that it is mild and not harsh on my nose and it leaves the scent on skin even after wash.

Texture and Usage: Ofcourse, it has silky texture (but not silky as Dove) and creamy. Gentle to lather while giving off that sweet mild fragrant.
I always start in my arms and work down to my feet. I use the bodywash sparingly, I get a decent amount on my palm and spread all over both arms. Then, I get same amount of product again to spread on my back and front. And lastly, a little more of the decent amount on both of my feet.

Final Say: The scent is the first thing I love about this body wash since I am always into mild scented skincare products. It feels good on skin, and I can easily spread all over my body. Quick to wash off and doesn't leave soap residue on skin after. After one week of using this body wash, I feel my skin feels a bit softer. With continuous use, I believe this Lux Moisturizing Body Wash will deliver a very satisfying result to softer and moisturized skin. I personally like this bodywash, and I think I will be using this for months since I have three bottles stocked up!