Every year, my family never skip to celebrate Father's Day. Since Father's Day is weekend, we went to the nearest SM shopping mall. The kids are always excited to play:

Nothing beats the happiness in the loving  eyes of a parent watching his child enjoy the best he can provide. me and hubby shares same joy as we witness our children happy, and that is the best gift ever.

After playing, we satisfied ourselves for some sumptuous foods in Classic Savory. No photos of foods, we were too hungry so we ate right away. Its my third time to eat here and the foods they serve are as delectable through the years.

It was a tiring yet fun day. It feels good to celebrate special days with your loved ones. As parents, lets make everyday a well spent with the whole family; it nurtures relationships and creates great memories. At the end of the day, your children will not recall the things you bought for them, but the time you spent with them.