Is it too early to start thinking about winter holidays? I don’t think so. In fact, I’m sure there are some people who are going to skip the summer vacay altogether. Instead, they’ll save up and go on holiday when the world is a winter wonderland. That’s not a bad idea. Particularly, if you’re desperate for a winter vacation, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get one where you live. Fellow Northerners know what I’m talking about, I’m sure. If you’re interested in this possibility here are some of the best vacation spots you could head off to this winter. Remember, you do need to think about this now because really for a lot of these places a year in advance is the golden rule. Although you should find booking now.

Disney For Christmas
Disney for Christmas is something that everyone with kids thinks about doing. It’s the ultimate holiday, and if you’re clever, you can have Santa leave the tickets the Christmas before. If you don’t know, Disney go all out for this holiday. Fake snow lines Mainstreet USA. The characters are in Christmas decorations. And, I’ve heard “Santa” actually visits hotel rooms on Christmas Eve. Nope, I’m not joking. All that is brilliant and the other good news is that in December, Florida isn’t stifling. You can walk around without gasping for air every ten seconds. That’s the good news. The bad news? Well, Christmas is the busiest time for this theme park. You’ll be lucky to get on any ride in under an hour. I’m taking into account the smaller, less popular rides here too. So, just beware it’s like going to a concert on the back row. You’re going through the ambiance, the mood, the atmosphere and not much else.

Lapland, the home of Santa Clause is of course quite busy at Christmas time. You’re not the only parent with this idea and neither am I. But, it’s still worth it isn’t it. It doesn’t get much more magical than this. Imagine waking up Christmas morning and being surrounded by white winter snow. Then, you can try out some of the many activities such as sledding. It’s great fun and will make for a holiday that you’ll never forget. There are some fantastic winter activity holidays in Lapland. But, if you’re eager to skip the crowds you can also book for summer. It’s still open.

Or, how about heading to Scotland. The immediate advantage of this idea is that it’s nowhere near as expensive as the other two. All it takes is a short car ride and booking a hotel in the Scottish wilderness. It could make for a great holiday, and I’m sure you’ll find some fun activities, particularly for New Year. For instance, if you head to Stonehaven you’ll see the burning stay hacks and a march through the town center.  It’s quite incredible and even includes fire breathing displays.

Has any of these winter wonderland holidays piqued your interest? If so, you can always look into booking them now. Remember, booking early will save you a lot of money.