Five Tasty Veggie Juice Recipes

When it comes to nutritional juices, a lot of people focus on fruits rather than vegetables. It makes sense, in a way, mostly because we’re used to drinking fruit juices (orange juice, apple juice, strawberry juice, or any other combination), as well as the fact that they’re mostly sweet.

So they’re sweet, simple to prepare, last long and help us intake proper amounts of vitamins and minerals into our body. They make us healthy and more energized. But, there is a downside. Pretty much every fruit out there holds fructose, or fruit sugar. Just like other forms of sugar, when taken in large quantities, they can actually be detrimental to your health, instead of helpful.

That is why doctors advise everyone not to drink more than three glasses of juice a day.

But there is another solution – vegetable juices. At first, you might think, “what a horrible idea”, but veggies such as celery, spinach, cucumber or ginger are very tasty when placed into a juicer, and when combined with other vegetables of different taste create a healthy and tasty combination.

Below, I have compiled five tasty, and nutritiously awesome recipes to get you through the day, when you’ve had it with sweet, sweet fruit juices. For the majority of these combinations, you’ll need the following ingredients:
· Ginger
· Celery 
· Cucumber
· Kale
· Parsley
· Spinach
· Carrots
· Beet
· Watercress

The only serious investment you’ll have to make before making the healthy lifestyle choice, is to buy a juicer. There are countless juicers out there, but I can recommend Green Star Elite juicer, as it has the best price value.

Ginger delight:
· One inch of ginger
· Five stalks of celery
· One cucumber
· A few leaves of parsley
· Five stalks of kale

Carrot fire
· Three carrots
· One beet
· Four stalks of celery
· One cup of spinach
· One cucumber (preferably small)
· One inch of ginger

Kale and Celery
· One half of head romaine leaves
· Four stalks of kale
· Five stalks of celery
· One cucumber
· Four carrots

Open Sesame
· Five cups of spinach
· Three kale leaves
· Three stalks of celery
· Half a cucumber

Cucumber delight
· One cup of spinach
· One cup of watercress
· Three cucumbers
· Three carrots

These are just some of the tasty veggie juice recipes for your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and energy. Don’t limit yourself to just these! The best thing you can do for your mind, body and soul is to experiment and to try various combinations. Tastes differ, and you should definitely look for something you’ll enjoy.

However, don’t forget to write down all the different combinations you’ve tried out. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon a perfect combination which will later be used by everyone in the world!

Juices are a great way to improve your health, your fitness and boost your energy. They’re easy to make, can be taken on your daily commute, frozen for later use or used at different times.
For every person looking to improve their health quickly and easily, I can seriously recommend trying these veggie juices.

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