During the Blogapalooza event, one of the brands I first heard of. Arla offers Cheese Slice, Cheesy Spread, and All Natural Milk to make your breakfast and snacks more enjoyable. They are generous that I was given a bottle of Arla to bring home. How sweet of them for letting me try this and share with my family.

Made from fresh cow’s milk, Arla Cheesy Spread is naturally rich in calcium that strengthens bones as well as Vitamin A that helps maintain normal vision. It is made with 90% milk, which makes it very healthy.

My family loves to eat bread and its perfect for a quick tummy filler. But the kids are quite picky when it comes to their spreads. Both my lil boys' taste buds want something tasty, well I believe that's normal. So, I let them try this Arla Cheesy Bread.

This is very creamy in texture and very tasty which my kids love. Perfect for their biscuits and breads during snack time and even breakfast. My eldest love making his sandwich which also makes a perfect baon for school. They love the taste so much that they asked me to buy another bottle of Arla before this one runs out. For me, it is always a miracle when both my kids agree on the same thing, and this was one of them.

Thanks so much Arla Ph for this bottle of goodness, I had to go ahead and get another bottle. I am also looking forward to try the different variants of their All Natural Milk, too!

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Disclosure: This product was given to me by the PR Team of Arla Ph. All my opinions and experiences expressed in this blog post are solely my own.