Organic Products and More: My Online Shopping Experience at BeautyMNL

These days, online shopping has become more and more popular that different people from all walks of life patronize the convenience it conveys in their daily lives.

I have been at online shopping for many years already but I only have few trusted online shopping sites. I always check the legitimacy and feedbacks of the previous shoppers before I go ahead and place orders.

Lately, I have been scrutinizing this shopping site called BeautyMNL. Their website, is very easy to navigate and the product images load fast. I soo love browsing through their website because they carry wide range of beauty products, essentials, and even baby products from different brands. I am also happy to see that they also sell organic products. 

The site seems soo legit, ofcourse I did a little research and found other youtubers and bloggers and found out that many of them have already used the shopping site and they all gave positive feedbacks!

To start off, you need to register or create a new account by providing your email address and a password. Everything is speedy, then you need to confirm your email and Tadaa... you can start online shopping.

I got so excited to see they have Zenutrients products, one of my most fave organic brand because their products deliver so well. There are other organic brands organic junkies like me are sure eyeing to try! I thought to pick a product from Jarful of Goodness

I am surprised to see they also sell fragrances, so I thought to pick Sunrise SOS Sunrise. What made me so fascinated to pick this eau de toilette is the positive reviews I read about it. 

I never encountered any issue regarding my order placement. All were good from adding products to my cart til I checked out. Even the payment process run quickly and smoothly.
My orders:
  1. Soothing Lavender & Dead Sea Salt Scrub (120g) Jarful of Goodness 
  2. Pond's Age Miracle Day Cream Cell ReGEN 10g 
  3. Ginger Rx Balm Zenutrients 
  4. Babypink Chunky Lip Pencil L.A. Colors Color: Baby Pink 
  5. Sunrise SOS Sunrise EDT 
  6. Golden Cup Balm in Tin Cup (4g) 
  7. Dove Whitening Deo Sample (FREE)

I also received an order acknowledgement in my email inbox. They deliver the next day for Manila delivery, while provincial delivery takes 3-5 days. They will email you the tracking number so you can easily track your package.

The package arrived and came in this printed zip lock bag, they got me in their packaging! Look what says on the bag, "Finally, a beauty destination for you." I also like how each product is carefully taken care of because each was wrapped in bubble wraps to prevent spills, broken stuff, and such.

Thanks so much BeautyMnl, it was an awesome shopping experience! 

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For more information about Beauty MNL, you can visit their website at:

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