You guys know how I love online shopping, not only because I can get to take advantage of the convenience but also because of the great deals I couldn't missed and of course I always have all the time to carefully decide my purchases.

Just recently, I discovered a website called Beauty Spin. Beauty Spin is your go-to online shop if you are into wide range of beauty products.

I could spend hours in their website looking for new beauty products and scents to try. What tempts me more to give this e-shop a try is their GREAT DEALS and SPECIALS! Getting more out of your hard earned money, I just can't let it pass me by. 

Since its my birth month, this busy mama deserves a treat! How about spoil myself with some skincare and scent products in my wish list on my birthday? Hahaha, why not?

As we age, skin problems occur normally. The least we can do is to take proper care of our skin by using skin care products that can help eliminate those annoying lines and dark spots. With that being said, I feel this Eucerin Even Brighter is what I definitely need.

I am in Week 13 of pregnancy and I care alot about stretch marks. I already had some strikes from my previous pregnancies and I wish not to get more. I was looking for an oil I can use since I am sure to need it. I am eyeing on this Elancyl oil because I have read positive reviews on it.

I still need to look good even on busy days, a dual purpose product like Stainiac is very handy to give color on my cheeks and lips. 

And ofcourse, since I'm a scent hoarder for quite sometime, I can never miss to score a bottle of celebrity perfumes

I actually got a never ending wish list, hahahah. There are so many skin care brands I fancy to try, this BeautySpin knows my weakness. I will be purchasing some products and will probably give you guys a feedback! 

Just a tip, if you want to get the first dibs of their Great Deals, subscribe in their email list. :)