Weekend is the relax and bonding time of the family. But when it is raining, we cannot be anywhere but at home. Home is always the safest place when the road is wet. Some may find the day boring but with this list, you can kill the boredom and have an enjoyable yet productive weekend. 

1. Movie Marathon
Gather all those movies and grab some popcorn or chips. Watching movies in Theater is one of our best bonding weekend but if its raining, we can have bunch of unwatched movies at home. I collect some childhood movies and my kids enjoy watching them. 

2. Cooking and Baking
I have no idea what it is with rainy days  that make tummies crave a lot? Hahaha since they crave a lot on a rainy day, cooking and baking together has always been a great way to spend the day! There are things kids can learn in the kitchen and you can teach them new kitchen skills.

3. Board Games
We are bringing the old board games back, Scrabble, Word Hunt, chess and solving puzzles are fun most especially if incorporated with prizes! 

4. Teach them
It is a perfect day to go through your child's notes and books. Check their school bags and check if anything is missing. Offer your help in lessons they are having trouble with. Teach them ways on how to make their everyday school life easier. You have been there and maybe you got some hacks and tips to share with your kids too.

5. Do some DIY projects
There are soo many DIY tutorials in Youtube and Pinterest you can use as reference. You can also upcycle old clothes and bags. You can also show creativity by making some cards for families and friends, too.