Kids can be so active at times. Most good schools hold dozens of different extracurricular clubs. Science club, soccer club, theater club and baseball are some of the most popular. Many are held during the lunch break, but most are attended after class hours in the late afternoon. If you’re not busy working, why not try to get more involved in some of them? Most schools welcome volunteers, especially parents. You may be able to spend more quality time with your kids, and even bolster your resume. Here are just some of the fun ways you can get more involved with the school:

Theater Productions
Anyone with a creative streak is sure to love getting involved with school theater productions. You could grab something like a Mehron cosmetics kit and do the kids’ makeup for their plays. Or maybe there’s a budding songwriter in there that could offer a song or two for the musical? Costume design is another area that Moms often get involved with. And if your kids are performing at a local theater, some chaperoning is always welcome.

Events First Aider
Every school has a number of teachers registered and qualified to perform First Aid. Few of them are available for school events outside of normal teaching hours. If you have acquired your Paediatric First Aid qualification, why not register with the school to be on duty during events? Fundraisers simply cannot take place without someone being available. Your local authority can help you with this, and may even fund your certificate renewals.

Game Refreshments
Refreshments at half time are very welcome! Kids from both teams will be delighted if you’re able to manage and provide the refreshments at each of the games. You can requisition funding from the PTA to help with the cost of the drinks and snacks. A large platter plate and a sturdy table are really all you need after that. If you’re environmentally conscious, you may prefer to use recyclable or reusable cups and plates.

Anyone can become a coach, but if you have experience and a qualification, your school will love to have you. It takes a lot of patience and intuition to coach young children to success. As a Mom, you probably have these in abundance. Beyond teaching the rules of the game and devising strategies, you’ll be promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. And you’ll get to spend more time with your kids.

Fewer and fewer hours each year are spent on kids making things at school. Academic pressures mean that such activities can be missed out altogether. If you love making things, why not share that passion with a club devoted to it? You can create things from art supplies. Designing and making are important skills for kids to develop. If you can help here, you can nurture children’s creative talents.

Getting involved with the school can be enriching and rewarding for you. It can provide you with a fun way to spend your time. Best of all, you can spend more time with your own kids and help make your local school the best in the State.