During pregnancy, you need to be very watchful in regards to health. Because whatever you take will affect the developing baby inside you. When you are pregnant, sometimes you feel a little weaker because you cannot function the same way before since you need to be careful in everything you do to avoid miscarriage. Don't get us wrong, nothing is to be scared of when it comes to pregnancy. You just need to be aware how to take proper care of your body and health. Here are couple of ways you can do to make sure you are doing the right thing during pregnancy.

You easily get hungry when you are pregnant, so prepare foods to fill you which are rich in vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables are always perfect for our health, make sure to include them on your meals. But there are also foods you need to avoid while pregnant which you should be aware of. 

Create a LIGHT exercise routine suitable for pregnant women. You can refer to Youtube videos or to health instructors for the perfect stretching routine. It helps a lot to improve blood circulation. Keeping fit while pregnant is not easy, you just need proper guide on how to achieve it. 

During the first 3 weeks of your pregnancy, a visit to your obgynecologist is necessary. Your OB will usually perform series of tests to make sure you and your baby are in the best state of helath. You will be given food supplements you need. Your OB will entertain any questions you have so feel free to ask anything about your pregnancy 

Of course, you can still function the same way when you are not still pregnant. However, there are limits depending on your current condition. More often, you need to avoid heavy tasks including lifting heavy stuff. Also, avoid slippery surfaces to prevent any form of accidents. Also, if you have plans to travel, you need to consult your OB first. 

It is very important to keep you and the baby in best condition before and after delivery. The key is to be Healthy.