My Kids Are Back to Nutri10 Plus

I am bringing my kids back to Nutri10 Plus. Earlier this year, I thought to try different food supplements for my two boys which we tried for several months. This switch has resulted to weaker body system for both of them.

They both catch cold and illness quickly which is a sign of not getting proper nutrition. I strive to serve them healthy foods every now and then. However, we know we cannot rely on foods alone in providing the nutrients a child needs. So choosing the right food supplement contributes a lot in maintaining healthy body. I figured out I made a big mistake when later last month, both of them got sick. This was the worst their body has gone for the last few months.

My kids are now back in taking Nutri10 Plus food supplement since this is one of the best food supplement they tried. Positive body reactions, they look more healthy and become more active. With our child's activities, a tough mind and body is necessary.

I am happy to see both of them are back to being healthy and they look a lot better and healthier compared from previous months. Lesson learned mommies!

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