Power Gel Ariel in Sunrise Fresh was on sale for 50% last week and a frugal mom could not pass that chance up. If I am not mistaken, the Power Gel variant is introduced in the market earlier this year. 

For the past months, I can honestly say that I have been using different brands when it comes to my detergent. There are three things I consider in choosing what laundry detergent to use in occasions; availability, effectiveness and price. 

I have tried Ariel powders before and I like the result, most specially on white fabrics. 

Now giving this new and improved formula in power gel form a try. It claims to contain better stain remover vs. 2x powder. 

I got two 1L bottle of Power Gel Ariel in Sunrise Fresh. Packaging wise, very appealing. The cup serves as the measuring tool on how much product you need to put on your washing. 

The blue gel liquid does not stain even you pour it directly on the fabric, don't worry. 

Some may find this Power Gel Ariel in a lil pricy side but I swear, it is worth the price at all. With a small amount of the product, it removes the stains. Also, your clothes will require less fabric conditioner since your clothes smell good after washing. One liter of Power Gel Ariel can lasts us more than the previous detergent powder I tried. 

I highly recommend Power Gel Ariel to everyone, it is one of those incredible products I have tried. I have no complains regarding its performance, packaging, scent, price or formula. 

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