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If you believe that you are ready, or will soon be ready, to be a mother, you are sure to be filled with all sorts of emotions! However, even as that joy, excitement and anticipation whirs around you? You must find space for some important questions. Some of them might be boring, and others might be difficult to answer. But being able to answer each of the following four questions confidently is key to truly being ready for motherhood.

Can you afford a baby?
Over the next two points we’ll discuss two crucial - even if rather boring(!)- questions you need to ask yourself. The first is regarding money, and whether or not you can afford a baby. Figuring out if you can afford him or her for the next year or two isn’t enough. This child will be your responsibility for the next 18 years, if not longer! Are you financially stable enough to be able to give them what they need and want? Also give thought to children you already have. Will another baby stretch you too much to be able to provide properly for the kids you already have in your care?

Do you have space for a baby?
The second rather boring question is regarding space. Sometimes, parents-to-be consider whether their house is big enough for a newborn. Spoiler- most are! But what you really need to think about is whether your house is big enough for a toddler or young child. If you have no plans to move, this is crucial and needs to be considered fully.

Could adoption be an option for you?
It could be that you have your heart set on giving birth to your own children. However, there is a lot to be said for adoption. Many mothers and fathers who have adopted talked of how fulfilling and wonderful doing so was. It can also be a wise option for people with a pre-existing health condition that could make birth difficult, or put the baby at risk. Of course, adoption agencies can answer all of your questions and tell you whatever it is that you want to know.

If you have a partner, are they ready?

If you are going into this as a single mother, more power to you! However, if it is going to be a baby for you and a partner? Then it is so important that you carefully think about whether or not they are ready for a baby. As we all develop at different rates, some people are ready for a baby sooner than others. Be sure that she or he isn’t just saying that they’re ready for your sake. Let them know that if they speak honestly, you won’t be angry or resentful no matter what they say. This baby has to be right for both of you in order to make a happy and functioning family. It could be that they’re more than ready, and the conversation makes you even more excited and keen that before. Only this time, you can enjoy and savour that feeling together!