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It has always been a very busy week with hubby and me working and the kids busy in different activities. Work is getting more and more demanding every week. That is why it has always been a goal to have a fun filled weekend, just to shake off the stress and spend quality time with the kids. And sometimes, the only way to unwind after a long week is a family date on a weekend.

Our family loves going to movies together, most especially my kiddos. A Family Movie Date is what they are looking forward to every weekend so I thrive to always get discounts in movies with Groupon.  

It has always been a pleasure to use Groupon. For those of you who don't know, Groupon is a fantastic resource of latest promos and discounts.  We get to enjoy a movie at a discounted deal with Groupon. It has always been great to get extra savings off our movie tickets which allows me to stretch my budget more on other important things like foods and school needs.

The last movie at a discount was 44% Off the Movie ticket. The extra savings we get we use in shopping after the movie.

Memorable and fun doesn't have to equal expensive when it comes to movie date or any family weekend getaway. So, here’s a Frugal tip, make sure to check on to Groupons Things To Do for the best deals you can get.