Get Well Arsenal in this Rainy Season: Zenutrients Balm

Colds and flu is very common during rainy season, so I always make sure I am equipped with the best get well products we need.  We can usually feel when cold is about to take place, it starts in your head. Even we don't want it, the cold weather triggers cough, colds and sinusitis. In times like this, I always make sure I am ready.  In my family, once I notice sudden change in voice that may lead to throat infection,sneezing or a mild cough, I already take steps to prevent from getting worse. I have all the things I need in my home so we can feel better right away. I give doctor-prescribed meds, calamansi and lemon juice, and Zenutrients Balm.

Part of my get well arsenal is Zenutrients Ginger RX balm. I like how it gives instant comfort after it is rubbed on my chest and back. It has a cooling effect which results to instant relief.

Zenutrients Ginger RX balm is safe to use even for children since it is made of natural ingredients like ginger extract, virgin coconut oil, and beeswax.

As a mom, it pays to always make sure I am equipped with products that can alleviate any kind of pain and sickness that can attack my family anytime.

For more information about Zenutrients Ginger RX balm, visit Zenutrients Facebook page:

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