Parents often wonder if their child really needs to see an orthodontist by the age of 7. To ensure the best results, the answer is yes.

San Diego, CAThe American Association of Orthodontist recommends that children see an orthodontist for the first time at the age of seven. Many parents may think this is young, but it is actually the best time to set your child up for success.

“While most children won’t require braces at this age, for those where treatment is indicated, this early treatment can often mean a better end result,” says Dr. Santiago Surillo of San Diego Kids Dentist. “But even if I don’t think your child needs treatment right away, starting a relationship with my office can ensure we can begin treatment at just the right time to create the best results.”

Most people who picture someone in braces think of teenagers, but early treatment can have a big impact on your child’s smile. Because Dr. Surillo is both an orthodontist and a pediatric dentist, he is uniquely trained to spot discrepancies in development and jaw growth. And because his patients already have a relationship with him, beginning a new orthodontic relationship is seamless.

At your child’s first consultation, Dr. Surillo will check to make sure that any emerging permanent teeth are developing properly, and that the jaw is growing and progressing as it should. If any issues are found, Dr. Surillo will explain them to you, and either recommend beginning treatment, or waiting a bit.

“Certain orthodontic issues can be treated more effectively if we treat them early on,” says Dr. Surillo. “But even if everything looks great right now, we might be able to spot an emerging problem that might require treatment. We’ll recommend periodic check-ups so we can begin treatment at the right time to create the most ideally functioning smile for your child.”

One advantage to early treatment that many parents may not realize is that it may actually save you time and money. When an orthodontic issue is treated as it emerges, it might be able to prevent a more serious problem from developing later on. Early interceptive orthodontic treatment can often make future treatment, treatment that happens when all the baby teeth have fallen out, shorter and much less complicated. And, the jaw is still growing, making it much easier to reposition to allow for proper alignment of the teeth.

Dr. Surillo is at a special advantage when working with patients. Because most of his patients also see him as a pediatric dentist, he has been treating them for years and has in depth knowledge of their dento-facial development. He can notice any slight variation from normal development. Then, through an early and accurate diagnosis, he can ensure any issues your child faces are corrected before they become worse and more complicated to correct, and can provide the best possible results for your child’s smile.

San Diego Kids Dentist is the name of Dr. Surillo’s pediatric dentistry and orthodontics dual-specialty practice. To learn more about Dr. Santiago Surillo please visit our website.