Babies and young children get sick more often than older kids and adults because their underdeveloped immune system can't fight off infection. As a result, you can't afford to waste time if you think your baby has more than a minor viral infection. Babies can get dehydrated very quickly and go downhill fast, so watch out for these six signs your baby needs urgent care in San Jose - and act fast if you spot any of them.

Endless Crying
All babies cry some of the time, it’s the only way they can communicate that they need a clean diaper, or they are hungry, thirsty or tired. However, if your baby is crying without any respite and this is unusual for them, or the crying sounds different than usual, you need to be concerned as your baby is either in pain or very sick

Unresponsive and Listless
An unresponsive or listless baby is a major cause for concern. If you can’t wake your baby up or they have gone limp and lifeless, call 911 immediately.

High Fever
Fevers are a symptom of a viral infection. In older babies, a mild fever is nothing to worry about and can usually be controlled with a dose of infant paracetamol. Fevers in babies three months or younger are more serious. If you suspect a fever, i.e. the baby is warm, clammy and red in the face,take their temperature using a digital ear thermometer and seek medical advice if they are feverish.In older children, try to bring the fever down with infant paracetamol and ensure they drink plenty of water. If the fever is very high, call a doctor or urgent care for advice.

Convulsions can sometimes occur because of a fever, but whatever the underlying cause, if your baby has a convulsion, dial 911 immediately.

A Rash
Rashes are not always serious, but in a young baby with other signs of illness, it can be a symptom of a more serious problem. If your baby is feverish, not eating, and generally unwell, you need to call a doctor. If the rash is purple and doesn’t disappear when you roll a glass over it, dial 911 as your baby could have meningitis.

Bulging Fontanelle
Babies are born with a soft spot on their skull, which is where the bones have not yet fused together. A bulging fontanelle is a sign pressure has built up in the brain or brain cavity, either because of illness or because the baby has been shaken. Call 911 immediately if your baby exhibits this.

Always err on the side of caution if your baby is sick and don't delay seeking medical help. It's better to be safe than sorry.

You need to be careful and avoid exposing your baby to sick people in the first few months. If a relative wants to come and visit, but they have a heavy cold, ask them to delay the trip until they are feeling better.