One of the most exciting parts for brides to be is picking out that perfect bridal gown to wear. But as much time is put into the selection of the gown, should also be put into accessories. Accessories will help to tie the look together, set the tone, and add dazzle. Of course one of the most universal accessories to pair with your bridal attire is diamonds. 

Places such as excel in offering a wide selection of diamonds in different settings, sizes, and shapes. You'll be able to customize your look and create something  truly luxurious and elegant. Here we'll take a look at the common accessories you can use to pair with your bridal attire. 

Diamond Necklaces
When choosing a diamond necklace it is very important you think about the neckline of your dress. This will determine what length and style of necklace works best. You'll also have to decide if you're looking for a statement necklace that stands out or something more simple and classic. Most experts would agree less is more, so you don't want to go too far. If you decide you absolutely need a statement necklace, then be sure to skip on other accessories.

Typically, necklaces work best with dresses that have a V-neck, are strapless. or have a sweetheart neckline. You don't want the necklace to be sitting on, or even hitting the dress, so it's important to be mindful of the chain length.

Bracelets are another great accessory to add to your look, and there;s nothing quite as dazzling as a bracelet with diamonds in it. Again. you've really got the opportunity to go all out and pick something large and chunky, or you can go with something small and delicate. Bracelets work best with dresses that don't have long sleeves. This allows them to show up well and not get caught on the dress fabric. If the bracelet you pick also has gold in it, match up the gold to your wedding band and engagement ring to create a cohesive look. White gold tends to be the most popular right now.

If you want to go for that vintage look, you can even look for an antique style delicate watch framed in diamonds. Granted this won't work with all dresses, but it's ideal for brides going for a vintage look.

Earrings are one of those must-have accessories and because you can go big or small, you will literally find a pair that matches every bridal gown. For those brides  looking for something small and simple, a classic pair of diamond studs is absolutely perfect. Now if you're wearing your hair back off your face, and you've decided that you want your earrings to be the focus, look for drop earrings such a chandelier earrings encrusted with diamonds.

Have Fun with Your Accessories
Accessories are meant to be fun and add a touch of your personality to your attire. Diamonds are a wonderful way to do this, and they are universal in that they match any color of dress and any style of dress.