Up until now, I still can't contain the happiness after we found out (2 weeks ago) that the new addition in our family is a healthy baby girl! I was floating in happiness and excitement that I don't know how to start.

My two boys shares the same level of excitement with me, they just can't wait to see baby Sidney Rein to come out. I am due next month, December 28 but my OB is pretty sure she will come out before Christmas Day.

Of course, the highest level of enthusiasm goes to my husband. How I wish I was able to capture his affectionate amusement the moment the technician reveals the good news. Husband's face is priceless, he watch her in awe on the small monitor as she moves her body.

I actually lost count, I thought I was at my 23rd week, while based from the ultrasound result I am already at my 30th week!

The next thing I know is we are too busy browsing through online shops looking for baby girl stuff and clothes. We also went to the nearest shopping mall to buy more newborn clothes. Of course most are in pink :). 

My 4 year old son picked the name for her lil sister, Sidney Rein. That

As the days pass, we couldn't get more excited! Not a bit of nervousness is felt. All I wanted is to hold my baby girl. It's another challenging part of being a mother, to deliver a new life on earth for the third time, but it's always rewarding and fulfilling like the first time.