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When it comes to fashion, mostly celebrity worn pieces are those most in demand in the market since celebrities are known as trend setters. From casual clothes to the red carpet dresses, celebrity fashion has a huge influence to public. As an ordinary person, most of us take inspiration from the Hollywood stars with their fashion influence. You feel as great wearing the same dress. Sadly, not all these stylish and fashionable piece is an easy find! 

When you are going to an occasion and would like to get your dress inspired by your Hollywood celebrity, we got you covered. You don't really have to spend so much, there you can steal your fave celebrity dresses in reasonable price. Here are our what to wear guide celebrity dresses that don't break the bank.

 The simplicity and elegance speaks in this black dress.

 Classy, you will look absolutely stunning in this red carpet dress. 
 You're sexy and you know it dress, oh my this black dress has to wear with confidence and you will never regret it. 

 Look elegant in this white, red carpet inspired dress. Perfect in wedding photos, prom or night parties. 
 You can get that classy classic look with this One shoulder dress. Perfect to wear in your prom or even in wedding parties. 
 Perfect for your prom party, this red dress is absolutely stunning! 

This silver plunging dress will definitely turn heads! Get the look, and nail it :)

We actually have a huge celebrity inspired dress list, but they are just too many to fit in one post. You can check more here.


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