Everyone is excited for the holidays. It is one of the busiest time of the year for everyone. One of the most challenging part is the Christmas Shopping. Christmas shopping is overwhelming but of course smart shopping is always a must. 

For a hassle-free Christmas Shopping here are 10 tips which can come in handy.

1. Shop early, shop wisely. Leave home early and prepare yourself to combat traffic and shopping crowd. Make sure to roam around first and find great deals. Set priorities when it comes to shopping. Are you going to shop to the nearest mall but the prices are way higher? Or would you rather do the shopping where you can buy affordable items? Also, don't be too overwhelmed and buy things you don't even have plans to use. It pays to be smart :)

2. Consider online shopping to avoid long counter lanes and crowded malls. Most shoppers resort to online shopping just to avoid traffic and the never ending counter lanes. This is one great choice most especially if you are busy with work and if walking and travelling exhausts you. With just few clicks, online shopping is way more convenient. 

3. Don't bring kids while shopping. Having your little ones accompany you in shopping is really stressful especially with the big crowds in every shopping places. A child gets tired, thirsty, and hungry easily so taking a child with you is not that good good idea.

4. Bring extra shopping bags. Always have your extra shopping bags ready. No overloading of shopping bags to avoid hassles in shopping

5. Make a list. It will really make your shopping faster and more organized if you take a check list of what to buy. It will avoid you from having to forget anything and making sure all in your shopping list are covered.

6. Set a budget limit, don't overspend. Use cash and avoid using credit card to avoid going too far from the budget

7. Smart shopping, price and quality of the product are the factors that you need to look upon. Make sure that you spend your hard earned money to products with good quality.  

8. Buy a gift wrapper and wrap it yourself than buying ready to use gift bags. Ready to use gift bags are costly compared to gift wrappers. Its Holiday and Saving small amount can go a long way! 

9. Always watch your stuff. Secure your wallets, money, gadgets and cards. it pays to be more vigilant at all times most especially on holiday season. 

10. Function of gifts, usable, good quality. Yes, it is always the thoughts that counts. But of course in shopping for gifts, make sure it is something the receiver will love so it will be out in good use and won't turn into waste.