I can already tell as early as now that my 2017 is gonna be a very busy year. I am 36 weeks pregnant and I am due this month. My days are too busy being a freelancer, mommy and wife. I won't ever complain, I am happy that my existence to the world is filled with rewarding positions.

For 2017, there will be increase of volume in my job as a Freelance Virtual Assistant. I will be dealing with higher number of people and workers so I need to manage my time efficiently. I need to balance everything from home chores, mommy duties and work. I know its gonna be hard but I will take it as a challenge, goodluck to me!

To be able to manage my time, a planner helps me big time! You guys don't have an idea how thankful I am to be able to found a way to successfully get my life together.

For 2017, I originally planned to use two different planners, one for my blogging and work, and the other one for mommy duties. But now, I think one planner may do! Luckily, I found out Bliss Planner

Yearly, Bliss Planner release their official planners for the whole year. But you need some great ninja moves to be able to avail one since they have limited slots to reserve. Glad, I am lucky enough to got one! They released two types of planners for 2017,

For those who are curious on how it looks like at the inside, check out the photos:
year at a glance

each month has its own hashtag, cool!

month in a glance

 I am happy enough with the minimalist setup, the space for the daily pages are just perfect enough to fit in all my daily plans and tasks.

Thats all! So, what do you think of Bliss Planner 2017? I am excited to put my pens on it.

What planner are you planning to use for 2017? Leave your answers at the comment box below.