7 Crafty Hobbies Everyone Should Try

Getting crafty has many benefits. Not only do you spend time doing something enjoyable, allowing you to de-stress from your everyday life, you also discover new skills and talents that you may have never knew you had! Here are 7 crafty hobbies that everyone should try. Take a look and see what you feel like doing!

Jewelry Making
Jewelry making can be a really amazing hobby. Not only can you make your own unique designs to wear, you can make somebody special an amazing unique gift for a special occasion. There are all kinds of different techniques you can use to make lovely pieces of jewelry. You can focus on wire work, beads, colored glass, clay - anything you like. You can even do silversmithing, and work on setting amazing colored stones. It’s so easy to take a class or even watch tutorials on YouTube. Start with one technique and then practice a few more. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole host of unique pieces that you love to show off!


Embroidery and needlework can be really fun hobbies to try. If you’re stuck on where to begin with this, first make sure you have the right supplies. You’ll simply need some embroidery floss, some material suitable for pulling the floss through, and a hoop to hold the material taught. Not forgetting your floss needle! You can then practice your stitches, and come up with a whole host of your own designs. Alternatively, you could buy a starter kit with instructions to help you if you’re at a total loss. Eventually, you’ll be able to come up with your own designs!

Dressmaking/Accessory Making/Sewing
Dressmaking is pretty similar to accessory making and sewing in general. Of course you could choose to sew things by hand, but this will take you so much longer than using a good machine to help you. You can check out a link like sewingmachinejudge.com to find the right sewing machine for your needs. Start with simpler projects and then move on to something bigger when you have a handle on your machine and you’re more confident.

Card Making
Making cards for those you love is a thoughtful way of wishing them a happy birthday, saying thank you, or sending any other message you like. You can even create your own style with card making. You can use stamps, stickers, templates, and even draw your own designs before coloring them in to get the effect you want. People will keep your cards for a lifetime because they are so thoughtful! You can even encourage your kids to make things like this for relatives. It’ll encourage their creativity and your relatives will love it!


Candle Making
It’s really easy to start making your own candles. Pretty cost effective too! You’ll need things like candle wax, wicks, fragrance oils, and jars and containers to create them in. You can really get creative with this, buying pretty jars and even making candles in coffee mugs! Keep them for yourself or make them as gifts for relatives.

Painting is such a simple hobby and yet so beneficial to the person doing it. Painting allows you to get lost in the moment. You don’t even need to be able to draw or be mega skilled. Just about anybody can paint. You can practice in a sketchbook or on a canvas. There are many different types of paint you can use too depending on the effect that you want. The more you practise, the better you’ll get. You may even start to create and master your own techniques.

Patchwork and quilting is a really fun hobby. With this, you can use patches of material that you really like, and sew them together to make a one of a kind quilt that means something to you. You could simply use materials you like the look of, or create it out of your baby’s old clothes, for instance. This hobby is usually done by hand, so you may need to practice with something that doesn’t mean as much to you before you start.

Try these 7 crafty hobbies and you might just find something that you want to stick to for life. Don’t worry if you’re not the best at first. You can get better at just about anything with practice. If you have tips of your own you want to share, leave them below. Thanks for reading, and be sure to come back soon!

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