Eyeglasses Online Shopping @glassesshop.com

Just few months ago, I was contacted by glassesshop.com to collaborate with them. Glassesshop.com sells prescription eyeglasses online. Two years ago, I remember ordering a pair of computer eyeglasses online which makes this time my second to pick prescription eye glasses online.

Glassesshop.com website is easy to access. I like that the website is user-friendly and navigating each page is definitely no-brainer. You need to set up an account first to be able to order from their website. Signing up is just easy and will not take that long, dont worry. And what's great is, they give one time discount/coupon codes to first time customers, how sweet!

After setting up your account, your good to go! You can now browse and select from the available frames from tons of selection of premium frames. All you need to do is choose which one you prefer from the collection available in their website. Then you need to choose your preferred lens.

The whole process was quick and easy. You also get to receive an email regarding your order status.

After few days of waiting, tadaa! 
Here's mine, the frame is exactly the same style I picked up. The pair of glasses functions properly, doesn't make me feel dizzy. This is a life saaver for me, I don't have to wear my contact lenses at all times. It fits me well in all ways, I love it!

Thanks so much Glassesshop.com for my awesome pair of eyeglasses.

For more information about Glassesshop.com, just visit their website.

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