#ProductReview: Omeidi Laptop Table T6

As an online freelancer, I need to be flexible and versatile at all times. I work full time VA but Since I am also a full-time mom to three, there are circumstances that I had to work mobile using my laptop. So I thought it is also necessary to have a laptop table to make me comfortable even I am just sitting in bed sending the kids to sleep.

With increasing demands in work including extended time of work, a proper laptop table which I can use anytime can save my ass big time most especilly when I need to take my laptop from my home office to the living room or outdoor.

I found a selection of laptop tables in different style and colors in lazada.com.ph. I picked up Omeidi Laptop Table T6 in Lazada.com.ph which was delivered to my doorsteps after two days (provincial shipping).

This Omeidi Laptop Table T6 looks like just the one in photo from lazada's website. Very easy to adjust according to my convenience and equipped with auto-lock joint to secure in place. It feels durable and I don't think it will break easily since it is made of metal.

The two fans function properly which works through wired usb. My laptop doesn't heat up on me because the fans can supply enough cooling effect. I purposely chose color pink because obviously, its my fave color.

I like that I can easily adjust the height level of this laptop table. It doesn't give me hard time setting it up everytime I need it. Very functional and very convenient to use.

Overall, I rate this  Omeidi Laptop Table T6 4 out of 5. I highly recommend this brand to anyone who needs a decent laptop table in a very affordable price.

Thanks Lazada for the very smooth transaction!

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