When it comes to your eyes, you always have to start by using shadow. This is the necessary base which will allow you to go step-by-step properly utilizing rest of the make-up. 

If you wish to place emphasis on your eyes, it is necessary to know the colors. Some of them will be a good fit while some colors will make you look much older. Shape of your eyes as well as their color will also be important when choosing the make-up. 
Even with all these rules, picking the colors will oftentimes be affected by your personal preferences. Nevertheless, there are some rules you have to stick by. It all comes down to the effect you wish to accomplish. Some women will be satisfied by simply using certain make-up; others will want to look like movie stars. Remember that the next time you sit in front of the mirror. Despite your personal wishes, you will need a bit more to look ravishing. 

Brown eyes
Brown is the most common and neutral eye color. If you have such eyes, you can do a lot with them. It’s always better to start with neutral colors such as beige or dark brown. You can also experiment with bronze, golden and metallic nuances. Logically, darker colors are much better. This also includes dark blue or purple. Basically, you can go for almost anything as long as it is not light. Furthermore, brown eyes allow you to combine eyeshade with your outfit and hair. There are a lot of combinations to choose from and we are certain you will find the right one. 

Blue eyes
Women who have blue eyes cannot go wrong with blue nuances. Ideally, you will get an eyeshade that has similar tone as your eyes. However, this is where we have to make a distinction. While dark blue eyes work well with dark colors, it is better to choose lighter colors for light blue eyes. Besides blue, you can also experiment with gray. Same rules apply – dark gray for darker eyes and light gray for lighter eyes. Great thing about blue eyes is that you can use pink eye shadow for them. Needless to say, this is one of the most popular casual colors and most ladies have pink clothes in their wardrobe. So, blue eyes, pink shadow, pink clothes, quick look in your Hollywood mirror and you are ready for an unforgettable night in the city. 

Green eyes
When it comes to green eyes, beige, golden or cream color will do the trick. They complement them perfectly. If you wish to go for something a little bit livelier, coral and purple are just the thing for you. On top of that, you can also experiment with maroon, dark purple and dark red. If you are audacious, you can try out metallic gold or bronze. Anyway, green eyes are neither here nor there. They are a bit darker than blue eyes and much softer than brown. In that regard, if you have green eyes, you can consider yourself lucky as they allow you to use almost any type of eye shadow.

Skin complexion and hair are equally important when it comes to eye make-up. They can play a major role when choosing just the right color. 
If you wish to combine several eye shadows, make sure to always pick at least one neutral color.
You will get the best results if you combine several eye shadows with different finishes
When using intense tones, you should only use them for edges of the eyelids.

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