Can’t seem to understand why your kids’ playroom is such a mess? Do you constantly see it like it just came out of a natural disaster movie? Here are a couple of simple and kid-friendly ways to organize your child’s playroom.

Declutter. Unusable broken toys, missing pieces, puzzles, and basically anything that wasn’t being used anymore must go. Aside from making the playroom a mess, these junks can cause accidents with the sheer number of items in one room. Consider getting Kidstuff wooden toys, which lasts longer and can be played for periods without being boring – not to mention it’s non-toxic affordable.
Chances are, your kid will never miss the items you decide to throw (or donate) away. Just to be safe, consider removing them without him or her.

Work with the kids. After separating the trash from treasure, you may work with your kids in categorizing and organizing their toys, they’ll know where everything goes and can help put things away after every play. It’s a great exercise in sorting, and if you have more toys than space, it can also be used as a lesson in charity. Open up with your kids about donating some of his or her less favourite items that don’t have enough room for.

Utilize rotation bins. If your child plays with only a small number of toys most of the time, you can utilize rotation bins in order to get the most use out of all of your child’s toys. Involve your child in dividing the toys into several different storage bins, and keep only one bin out at a time. If your child gets bored with the toys he or she is playing with, put them away and replace with another bin. This way, your child will end up playing with all of his toys, and having only one bin out at a time will keep toy messes to a minimum.

It’s best to use see-through toy boxes for storage. Being able to see what’s in every box translate to fewer toys thrown about as your kids try to find what he or she is looking for.

Make use of kid-friendly labels. It’s easier to keep track of what is in each of your child’s toy bins with the use of kid-friendly labels. For instance, have a separate bin for toy cars, building blocks, stuff animals, etc. and label them accordingly. Brightly coloured tabs, pictures, and age-appropriate words will make it easy to find exactly what’s in the box. It will serve as a guide for tour child to put toys away without supervision.

Add a space for creativity. Every playroom needs a place for the child to be creative. A small table complete with chairs and art materials is the perfect space to draw, colour, paint and use the imagination. Keep all craft supplies in clearly labelled, easy to reach containers for quick access.

Cleaning wooden toys. Kids just love wooden blocks – and we know where those blocks go, in their mouths. Since all natural wood products tend to have natural antibacterial properties, they won’t multiple. Do not soak wooden toys, instead, wipe them with rubbing alcohol or briefly run them with tap water and a bit of dishwashing soap. Also, make sure only to buy wooden toys Australia from trusted sources whether you’re buying in-store or online shops.

There you have it! A clean, uncluttered playroom is a better place to learn new skills and be organized while encouraging children to take ownership/responsibility for their playroom.