With your smartphone, everything has been made easier these days. One of which is booking hotel reservation. Before, we used to either look in directory for the hotel telephone numbers to call or at least your physical presence to book in a hotel. Now, with the One Stop Hotels & Flight Booking app called Traveloka, one can easily book online and find the best hotel for a staycation anywhere in the world. For those of you who don't know, Traveloka is a hotel and flight booking application where you can find the best deal in hotel and flight that fits your budget.

Lately, work had been very hectic and stressful, which draws me to plan a short family staycation somewhere out of town. I badly need a well spent staycation in a relaxing place to somehow ease my mind and body, take a break from stressful work and home chores. Perhaps, I know that is something my hubby and kids will really enjoy.

Because I want to find great deal in hotel reservation, I tried Traveloka. Traveloka App can be downloaded in Google Play Store (or App Store for iPhone users). Using your Smartphone, just download and install the Traveloka App. Once done, you already have access to browse and search for your ideal hotel. And by creating an account, you gain more access to great deals and promos.

How to use the App?
Using the application is very simple since it is very easy to navigate and very user-friendly. Just type in the city of your destination. Be as detailed as you can by providing the Check in and check out date, total # of guests and # of rooms to reserve. Then, it will do an automated search of the different hotels according to the details you provided. The result will display different hotels with different prices.

By clicking on each hotel, it will display the photos, main facilities, and you can even read guests reviews.

After choosing the best hotel for my family, the next step is payment. Choose which mode of payment you wish to use.

One big benefit of using Traveloka app, I get to enjoy discounted price hotel room. For my first hotel reservation, I got Php 1,652.00 discount. It means we get additional budget for our trip.

With Traveloka, I save a lot of time and effort looking for hotel that suits my taste and budget. No need to visit multiple websites to check the hotel room availability in our desired check in date. No need to call or send emails to the hotel. It saves my ass from getting to spend for call cards, and waste minutes on phone. In a few very easy steps, anyone can book in a hotel or buy flight tickets anytime of the day quickly and hassle-free.

Me and my family had an amazing time in Baguio. We spent the whole day exploring the Summer Capital of the Philippines. And after a long day, we get a good night sleep at our room in Hotel Elizabeth. Deluxe Quadruple room which is good for four persons. Well, we are six including my preschooler and my two month old baby but they both still shares bed with me or with daddy, The room is clean and spacious. The hotel staffs are accommodating and very polite to guests. They make sure their guests will have a wonderful stay at the hotel.

It was indeed one of the most memorable trip we had. We enjoyed a lot and collected so much great memories. We realized that we should do this more often. So for our next trip, I make sure to use Traveloka again. :)