Until recently, accessories for kids were something of an anomaly. They’re cute, but most people don’t understand what all the fuss is about. So should we be spending our money on accessories for kids? Which are the best out there, and is kids fashion really that important?

Should We Place More Emphasis on Kids Fashion?

Several huge names in the fashion world have started kids clothing and accessory lines. Some parents are divided on how much emphasis to place on clothing and accessories. There is one train of thought that placing too much emphasis on a child’s appearance teaches them that aesthetics matter above all else. To counter that, some believe that kids clothing and accessories are a form of self-expression.Therefore an important part of growing up and creating an identity.

Whilst it’s important not to reflect our own vanity onto our children, they will benefit from being allowed to experiment with their clothing, even if it’s mismatched! It’s important to try and show your children about what’s really important, but also listen to what they’re interested in.

So Should We Be Buying Kids Accessories?

Accessories are often a really good introduction to the world of fashion. Some children get excited about customizing their outfits with their own personal touches. The great thing about accessories is that they’re highly practical as well as pretty! There also much more inexpensive than clothing, so can be the perfect gift or treat for a child.

Which Accessories Are Best?

Let your children pick their own accessories but make sure they have a purpose. A kids Fendi belt,  for instance, could make a great gift for a little boy or girl with looser trousers or skirts. Similarly, if your kids are desperate for a new cap, wait until summer and buy it for them as a treat or present. This way you’re encouraging their personality and opinions, but showing them that it’s about practicality and moderation too.

Some other great accessories include Alice bands for girls. These bands come with butterfly appliques on them, polka dots, or even black lace. So there’s a whole spectrum of styles to try out and explore. From pajamas to leggings and sneakers, there are lots of fun options out there.

Special Occasions

Special occasions may call for all different kinds of accessories. There are cute bags for girls and bow ties for the boys. Even sunglasses and socks may be needed. Accessorizing a special occasion outfit is a good way to make your child feel a part of the process. If you have some resistance about what they’re wearing, allowing them the option of choosing their own accessories is a good idea to keep the peace!