My baby is 3 months today, and as she grows she continue to be the darling of our eyes. I am still very overwhelmed of having a baby girl after my two boys, which you may find OA but thats how I feel. Having her is not planned nor discussed, she just happened yet we looked forward to seeing her with overflowing excitement in our hearts. 

This post should have been up before she turns one month old. Hahaha but there was hundreds of adjustment and some are still in process. Ever since she came, everything and everyone has become very busy. After work, school, and chores, everyone loves to spend the free time to her. She wipes everybody's stress, irritation, and weariness away like a magic. Her smile touches our hearts, she's such a darling.

Now, with Sidney Rein, my only daughter, life for all of us has become more and more pleasant. I cannot thank God enough for having her in our lives. 

Mommy Life:

My schedule has become very much occupied. I literally cannot find time for myself, but its okay as long as I have time for my children. They need my time more than I need for myself. 

In my own perspective, having children gives more than joy in a mom's heart. Her children are living proof of her physical, mental and emotional resistance level. 

I feel physically stronger than I am 12 years ago when I don't have a kid yet. To bear a child in my womb for nine months, three times has gained me strength. To carry each child for almost 40 months almost everyday, is more like an everyday workout. Not to mention all the daily house chores that needs to accomplished within the day so multi-tasking is a must. Most days I am exhausted but as I watch them sleep, everything i do becomes rewarding.

Bringing up a child is never easy with all the tantrums, sick days, and silliness. I am proud all of the struggles have thought me to be mentally healthy. Successfully solving problems that comes along the way has become one of the most vital ingredient to a healthy mental condition. We have had a lot, and I know there are more to come. I always stay on the positive side of life for my family. They serve as my purpose in life and having a strong mind is essential to perform my duties and responsibilities.

Ups and downs all through out mommy life, there are a lot to mention including marriage problems. But those are the reasons I have become emotionally stronger. I am an emotional person ever since. Tears fall easily, and I tend to be sensitive at times. And even when I become a mom, the emotional side of me is still there. But I learned how to control it in a positive way. 


My children drives me crazy occasionally, hahah but they always drive me to be stronger and a lot more motivated in everything I do. Life has become more meaningful, they always give me a reason to strive for success. Our home can never be happier without my children around. I will never imagine live without any one of them. They are my sweet hearts.