There is one thing that I am sure of, and that is that every movie fanatic needs an in-home theatre to relax in on the evenings and weekends. Let me try to convince you of this fact. When you go to the movie theatre to watch a movie, it is typically a much better experience compared to when you watch a movie in your living room. You have better sound, usually a better picture, snacks, and on top of all of that, it’s a fun place to have a date. What would you say if I told you that you could have all of this, but in the comfort of your own home? Today, I want to share with you all how you can create your own amazing in-home theatre, and why it is just as good as an out-of-home movie theatre!

Pick An Empty Room
This step might seem pretty obvious, but it is so important - you need an empty room to put your theatre in! It doesn’t matter how big or small the room is, you just need some kind of extra space or room in your house to use. A basement room would be ideal because you want the room to get as dark as possible, but if you do not have a basement available, try using blinds, or plantation shutters and black out curtains. The darker you can get your new home theatre room, the better. There is one exception to this rule - you do need some kind of low lighting so that you and your guests can move around the room safely. Adding lights that dim can help with this. Dimming lights will make it so there is not a bright light causing a glare on your screen, but it will still just enough light to move around in.

Purchase furniture
Picking your furniture should be relatively easy. You are going to want something extremely comfortable. I highly recommend the couches that recline back and have cup holders. This will give you the feel of being in an actual theatre outside of your home. If you pick couches or chairs that do not have cup holders, make sure you have plenty of side tables available so you can sit your cup down. Another fun addition would be pillows. Theatres don’t have pillows, but I think they add an extra level of comfort and they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. On top of purchasing couches, you will also need something to house all of your electronics in. DIY Network says: “Media storage cabinets are best placed in the back of the room. They'll be out of sight from the viewing positions and also double as acoustic absorbers for sound waves bouncing around the back of the room.” If you have an apple tv, balance it behind the tv. This keeps it out of sight, but you also have easy access to it for use.


Install Your Technology
You are going to have to do a bit of research on this one! You will definitely need a huge projector screen, a lot of speakers, a home entertainment system, and more. I know a lot of people just purchase a television, but if you want a real movie-like feel to your theatre room, go all out and purchase the “real stuff.” You will definitely need to install surround sound for your speakers. There are quite a few options for surround sound - you could just stick with a sound bar, or you could get a home theatre in a box, or receivers and amplifiers (which is probably ideal for a theatre). An affordable, but great option is a 5.1 speaker system.

Create A Small Kitchen
This is obviously not an option for some, but you should at least have some kind of space to store snacks and drinks in. A popcorn machine would be an amazing addition because it would make it more realistic by adding the traditional popcorn smell to your theatre. If you have a mini fridge, you could put drinks and other small food options in there to make it convenient to grab something to eat and find your seat again. Of course, if this is not an option for you, it is not the worst thing in the world. I am sure your kitchen is a quick walk away.

Add Decor Options
You definitely do not want too many decorations in your room. Stick with a simplistic feel and just add one or two movie posters, and maybe a prop or two. Swords of Northshire sells a fully functional, handmade William Wallace Braveheart sword, which would be the perfect addition to your home theatre! It would add the perfect amount of “pizazz” to wow your guests, but it would also blend in enough with your other decor so that your guests will not be distracted during the entire movie. You could frame the sword, carefully mount it on the wall, or keep it out so that you could actually use it. The sword is so strong that it can even cut through bone and iron wire without damaging the edge.

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Photo Credit: Swords of Northshire

Creating a home theatre room is a dream house project for a lot of people out there, so if you have the ability to do it, I would go for it! All of these details will help you create the theatre of your dreams. You will have all of the highest technology and you will be so comfortable in your own home that you will not want, or need to go out and spend your money at your local theatre. When you are decorating, don’t forget to check out Swords of Northshire to add your favorite movie replica sword to your in-home theatre!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own