Summer vacation is the best time to unwind and recharge after long days at school and work. This is also the best time for family bonding. Summer vacation is all about fun. Don't let the weather get the best of you on too hot days. So finding ways on how to survive the summer heat is essential. In this post, I have round up ways on how to survive summer heat to avoid serious health or skin problems like heat stroke, sun burn, head aches and even death.

1. Stay hydrated.
Our body needs water everyday. Most especially during summer. Drink atleast 10 glasses of water everyday. Keeping your body hydrated will keep you refreshed. Water carries heat away from your internal organs before serious damage occurs.

2. Apply sun protection.
Keeping your skin protected is important. Apply sun screen lotions or creams even you have no plans of going out. Opt for non-sticky lotions that doesn't make you feel greasy under the sun.

3. Shield Your Skin!
When you go out, bring your umbrella to cover yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Or you can wear caps, hats, long-sleeved apparels or use towels.

4. Stay at cooler place.
Stay in Airconditioned rooms or well ventilated rooms. A place outdoor with plenty of trees provides fresh air and is perfect area to cool down.

5. Avoid staying under the sun for too long
Stay indoor if you don't have important errands to do. But if you have to stay outside, make sure there are shades, or trees to cover you from direct sunlight.

6. Watch your health.
If you have health problem, it is advisable to communicate to your doctor for the best possible ways on how to keep your health out of risk. Always follow the doctor's advise and have your family monitor your health.

7. Eat!
Do not skip meals. When you are hungry, there is a big possibility of fain you go out in the sun. Eat your fruits and vegetables like watermelon, apples, pears,  fresh, raw spinach and kale.